What they’re saying about this project:

From Ralph Carmichael

“Hear Dave Boyer as you’ve never heard him before!

This is a great idea, Bob”, Dave's projection, diction, sense of rhythm and marvelous phrasing ability will be perfectly enhanced by a fabulous rhythm section.

I can't wait to get my copy!”

-  Ralph Carmichael -Is a composer and arranger of both secular pop music and contemporary Christian music, being regarded as one of the pioneers of the latter genre.

From Jonathon Tunick

“Dave Boyer gave me my first recording assignment in 1966. He is a great singer and a great human being, and I am proud to be his collaborator and friend.”

- Jonathon Tunick - is an American orchestrator, musical director, and composer, one of twelve people to have won all four major American show business awards: the Tony Awards, Academy Awards, Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards.[1] He is best known for his work with Stephen Sondheim, starting in 1970 with Company and continuing to the present day.

From  Bob Holzmann

“We've all heard Dave Boyer sing big band worship, gospel, and show tunes since we were kids - and my goodness, his singing style and voice is still as good (or better) as any other such as Sinatra or Williams! But if you've never heard Dave sing and share his message with a small rhythm combo or even just while playing the piano by himself, then you've missed a heartfelt treat.

I've been blessed to have worked with Dave on numerous live concerts and some recording projects for the past decade, but this session will be extra special, very personal, and one of a kind. Don't hesitate to grab a copy for yourself and several more to bless all your friends and family - you will be enjoying his singing and heartfelt message for many years to come!”

- Bob Holzmann - has been the Conductor for the Tulsa Praise Orchestra for the past 14 years. Bob is also a gifted pianist and arranger, and has extensive experience with church orchestras and choirs.

From Jeff Brucculeri

“As Dave Boyer’s longtime friend and publicist, I'm thrilled to introduce this new recording project to everyone and excited to see how God uses it to touch many lives.”

- Jeff Brucculeri - is a long time broadcaster in the Tulsa area. Jeff pens a sports column for the Tulsa Beacon Newspaper and is a frequent speaker and trumpet soloist performing around the world.

From Bob Archer

“ It is a true privilege to be able to produce this new recording with Dave Boyer. We have talked about this concept for several years and I am so excited to see it take flight. I greatly look forward to the finished copies of this CD!”

- Bob Archer - is the Producer of this project and the Founder and Manager of the Tulsa Praise Orchestra. Bob and his band have have worked with Dave on hundreds of concerts for the past 20 years.

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